Bobath Table Supported by LINAK Motor

Short Description:

  • Model: YK-8000A
  • Motor: LINAK
  • Gas Spring: German Imported
  • Table Surface: Genuine Leather
  • Thrust: 6000N
  • Dimension: 210cm×120cm / 220cm×95cm
  • Height: 43-95cm
  • Backrest Adjust: 0 – 85°
  • Weight Load: 170Kg
  • Product Detail

    Two width options and manual, foot control switch selection


    The generous bed space gives patients and therapists considerable room to complete various rehabilitation exercises.

    Product introduction

    The electric lifting bed comprises a lifting bed body and a movable mattress board disposed on the bed body, an articulated structure between the head backrest section and the middle lying section of the movable mattress board, and a head backrest section of the movable mattress board Positioned by imported pneumatic springs, safe and reliable.

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    The lifting and lowering of the bed is driven by the lifting and lowering mechanism provided under the bed frame, and has strong thrust to ensure the safety of the bed while running very smoothly.


    1.It is designed for the rehabilitation of patients with neurological diseases; the large bed space gives the patient and the therapist considerable space to complete various rehabilitation training and treatment techniques;

    2.The lower operating height (45-95 cm) provides better conditions for patients to complete movement, balance and standing training;

    3.The pneumatic spring-assisted backrest can be adjusted from horizontal to 85% to provide support for lying and sitting exercises;

    4.According to clinical needs, YK-8000A offers two width options and manual and foot control switch options.

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