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And the way to be healthy is tens of millions.

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- The 80th China (Shenzhen) International Medical Equipment (Autumn) Expo


In 2018, the CMEF Autumn Fair is a gathering of big coffee. (Source: CMEF)

From October 29th to November 1st, 2018, the 80th China (Shenzhen) International Medical Equipment (Autumn) Expo ended in 4 days. This exhibition is based on the theme of “Power of Progress” and the blueprint for smart health. , continue to empower the industry. As a strength participating brand, Ikang Medical has also made appointments on schedule, and has become the focus of attention in this healthy feast of medical doctors, adding a lot of highlights and radiance to CMEF. Yikang Medical has independently developed a series of rehabilitation products, which won the praise of the guests on the spot with excellent product quality, and won a lot of cooperation intentions, becoming the “popular king” of the CMEF Shenzhen Autumn Exhibition rehabilitation section.

Wonderful review

Yikang Medical Booth is full of brand style

As a high-end well-known corporate brand in the domestic rehabilitation market, Yikang Medical has performed exceptionally well, and its booths have become the most dazzling shining star in the entire rehabilitation sector.

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Industry colleagues from all over the world came to the Yikang Medical booth to compete for the latest product developments of professional rehabilitation equipment and Yikang Medical. I have won the high praise of many partners, and expressed my hope to cooperate with Yikang Medical at the exhibition.

A willingness to cooperate further in the field of rehabilitation.

Yikang Medical’s “International Fan”

Customers from overseas are also enthusiastic, and many of their partners traveled to the Kangkang Medical Exhibition Station. Thanks to the friends from afar, thank you for making the international market path of Yikang Medical more and more broad.

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Yikang elite is communicating with customers enthusiastically

The 80th CMEF, Yikang Medical still does not forget the original heart, adhere to the quality of the ingenuity, adhering to the power to reshape the dignity of life as the forward, and look forward to working together with the partners, innovation and wisdom, and enjoy the fruits!

“Exhibition Highlights”

CMEF is the largest medical exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region. Yikang Medical has a self-developed lower limb intelligent feedback training system A1, upper limb intelligent feedback training system A2, hand function passive training system A5 and gait training and evaluation system A3.

The heavy attack was unanimously favored by the guests.

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The guests at the meeting listened to the staff’s careful explanation and experienced the Kangkang medical rehabilitation products, and gave unanimous affirmation and praise.

I don’t change my mind at first, and CMEF meets again in the spring of 2019.

This year’s CMEF Shenzhen Autumn Exhibition has once again seen the strength and charm of Chinese brands. As a highly competitive professional equipment company in China, Yikang Medical will continue to adhere to the business mission of “helping patients achieve a happy life”.

Accelerate technological innovation, discover unlimited potential on the road of innovation, and work hard to unlock the new posture of future rehabilitation medical treatment! We met again in the spring of 2019 CMEF!

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Post time: Nov-14-2018
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