Do you know about hand rehabilitation? The third one you would never expect

Do you know about hand rehabilitation? The third one you would never expect

Our hands are so important to us that we need them to perceive and move through them. All patients with cerebral infarction usually experience various conditions, such as, leg weakness, numbness in the legs, stiffness and hypertonia in the hands, of which hand impairment is the most affects the ability in daily living.
With the earlier rehabilitation, patients with hand dysfunction have significantly improved their surgical outcome and functional recovery. Therefore, it is essential to provide some rehabilitation training after hand dysfunction, and recovery of hand function is an important part of rehabilitation treatment.

Usually, the recovery of hand function is slower in cerebral infarction patients than in other parts of the body, so in the process of rehabilitation training, not only passive activities but also active activities are required, that is, a combination of exercises by the patient himself/herself and rehabilitation exercises by the rehabilitation therapist to help the patient maximize the effect of rehabilitation.

1.Physical therapy
This starts mainly at an early stage, when the physiotherapist will carry out rehabilitation exercises according to the patient’s condition, including early limb placement movements, active and passive activities, etc.

2.Exercise and occupational therapy
The treatment is based on helping patients to move their joints and massage, like muscle stretching, pushing, massage, endurance training, machine training, etc. It is a cognitive activity, recreational activity, assistive device, etc.


3.Compensatory training of healthy side
While we are rehabilitating the affected side, we should not forget the healthy side of the arm, which is affected by some nerve damage, so do not neglect to exercise the healthy side of the hand.
4.Traditional Chinese rehabilitation therapy
Tui na, acupuncture, cupping and herbal fumigation are all traditional Chinese medicine rehabilitation treatments.

5.Auxiliary equipment
It is necessary to carry out rehabilitation training with the help of external objects as appropriate. Patients should understand the role of assistive devices, their use and precautions to achieve a state of unity between the patient and the assistive device in the rehabilitation training process and give full play to the role of the device. The main assistive devices that I recommend for hand rehabilitation training is: hand function table.


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Hand rehabilitation is a very professional rehabilitation treatment. First of all, the patient must be assessed, during the treatment process at any time to observe and re-assess. Physiotherapists always pay attention to all the changes of the patient, in order to get satisfactory results and eventually return to the family and society.

Rehabilitation, a long process, is a process from quantitative to qualitative change. Insist on rehabilitation and believe in yourself.

Post time: Dec-02-2022
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