Common Issue about Hand Dysfunction Rehabilitation

What Is Hand Dysfunction Rehabilitation?

Hand functions mainly include: 1, grasping and gripping function; 2, pinching function; 3, sensory function.

In daily life and work, fine substance identification and object distinction such as dressing, writing, drawing, computer typing, unlocking, faucet, mechanical operation, etc. are based on hand sensory function, that is, recognize what it is when grasping and pinching.

What Is the Necessity of Hand Dysfunction Rehabilitation?

There are abundant nerve endings in hands which enables a certain degree of sensibility in the work and life. Therefore, after the repairment of the peripheral nerves of the upper limbs, the sensory re-education training is necessary. The hand sensory function should be restored to a certain level to help patients return to normal life.

For the treatment of upper limb (hand) injuries and diseases, we recommend effective medical treatment as soon as possible. Doctors should pay attention to the prevention of upper limb (hand) malformation and disease, pain relief, edema reducing and joint mobility recovering. Of course, the upper limb (hand) injury recovery is at top priority.

Why Do Patients Need Hand Dysfunction Rehabilitation?

Common causes of hand dysfunction are neurological diseases and musculoskeletal diseases.

Central nervous system injury is a common cause of hand dysfunction, the most common of which is stroke.

Clinical manifestations of upper limb dysfunction after stroke: in the early stage of stroke, 69% – 80% of the patients have hand and upper limb dysfunction. Three months after stroke, about 37% of the patients have inaccurate control of hand grasping and stretching movements. In the end, only about 12% of patients will have better hand function recovery.

The main skeletal and muscle diseases of hand and upper limb dysfunction are:

1)     trauma, such as fracture, joint dislocation, tendon or ligament rupture, amputation;

2)     infectious diseases of skeletal and muscle system, such as joint infection and soft tissue infection;

3)     degenerative diseases, such as osteoarthritis;

4)     musculoskeletal pain, etc.

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Post time: Nov-26-2019
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