Something You Should Know about Muscle Soreness

Excessive exercise can make your body work to the limit. Sometimes you might wake up in the middle of the night because of soreness. Few people know what happens when exercising. Markus Klingenber, an orthopedist and sports medicine specialist from a German Beta Klinik polyclinic, who is also a cooperating physician of the Olympic Committee, helps us realize the muscle problems more accurately through his sharing.


Muscles can tear from over-training or overload

Muscle soreness is caused by the subtle injuries of the muscle tissue. Muscle tissue is made up of several different contractile elements, mainly protein structures. They can tear from over training or inappropriate training, and the minimal damage is within the muscle fibers. Simply put, soreness occurs when you tense your muscles in an unusual way. For example, when you practice a new sport or try new ways of exercising.

Another reason is overload. When we do strength training and want to schedule a more stimulating workout than you can handle, harm can be caused if the stimulus is too high.


How long can muscle soreness last?

Obvious soreness that generated gradually after the training is called delayed exercise muscle soreness. Sometimes such soreness won’t occur until two days later. This is related to muscle inflammation. In the process of muscle fiber reorganization and recovery, inflammation can occur, and that’s why taking anti-inflammatory drugs or painkillers can help.

It usually takes 48 to 72 hours to recover from such muscle pain and soreness. If it takes longer to recover, then it might not be simple muscle soreness, but more severe injuries or even a muscle fiber tear.


Can I keep exercising when I have muscle soreness?

Unless your muscle soreness is diagnosed as a muscle bundle tear, you can keep on with your exercise. In addition, relaxation or a bath is helpful to relieve muscle soreness. Taking a bath or massaging can improve blood circulation and help to accelerate the process of getting waste out of your body, so that you can recover better and faster.


Is it ok to take in nutrition?

The general advice is to drink enough water, and increasing vitamin or eating good food can also be helpful. Drinking more water, eating food with OMEGA3 fatty acid such as nuts or chum salmon and taking dietary supplement BCAA which is the amino acid that makes up muscles are helpful to the recovery of our bodies.


Does laughter cause muscle pain?

Generally speaking, muscle soreness depends on the training. If you train the muscles of the parts that you’ve never trained before, soreness can occur at the beginning. Basically, each muscle has a certain load and resistance to fatigue. Overloading can cause soreness. You may have sore diaphragm muscles from laughing. It’s important that you start with light weights and increase the intensity or training time gradually.


Athletes also get muscle soreness

Athletes also suffer from muscle soreness, but they have a higher tolerance. If you want to repeat the exercise program from the previous day, then you should reduce the load by half. The point is, how to stimulate muscle metabolism. The best mode is to start with gentle eccentric exercise as a warm-up, and then slowly increase the load and make it more intensive.


Dynamic stretching and static stretching

Before exercising, you should use dynamic stretching to help increase muscle tension, which is the key during exercise. After exercise, static stretching can be applied to promote muscle fiber regeneration. Training can make you feel pain, but pain is not the purpose of your exercise. The focus is on reaching your exercise goals, and soreness is not the standard to measure of how effective the exercise is.


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