Robot is a good helper in Lower-Limb Stroke Therapy

Robot is a good helper in Lower-Limb Stroke


  Because of the social aging process, there are more and more patients are experiencing lower-limb injuries caused by diseases or accidents that makes the rehabilitation of their exercise ability particularly important. Compared with the traditional physical rehabilitation method, the lower-limb rehabilitation robot can more accurately evaluate and greatly improve the effect and efficiency of rehabilitation, thus saving medical rehabilitation resources.

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  Lower-limb rehabilitation robots comprise intelligent bionic mechanical and electrical equipment based on developments in the fields of rehabilitation medicine, mechanics, control, robotics, computer science, artificial intelligence, and many others. These robots are mainly categorized as either sitting/horizontal or standing lower-limb rehabilitation robots, according to the patients' rehabilitation posture. The sitting/horizontal lower-limb rehabilitation robot can be further divided into the pedal and exoskeleton types, and the standing lower-limb rehabilitation robot is divided into the suspension weight-loss robot and independent wearable robot.

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  One in six people on the planet suffer from stroke. Approximately 90% of stroke survivors have some functional impairment, with mobility being a major one, which not only affects important daily activities, but also increases the likelihood of falls. Originally intended to supplement traditional post-stroke gait rehabilitation, robotic systems have gained remarkable attention in recent years as a tool to decrease the strain on physical therapists while increasing the precision and repeatability of the therapy.

  Lower Limb Intelligent Feedback & Training System uses new rehabilitation concept to overcome the shortcomings of the traditional rehabilitation training. It helps patients to do walking training. By simulating normal physiological gait, this equipment helps to restore patients’ walking ability.

  It is suitable for the rehabilitation of patients suffer from disorders of the nervous system related to a stroke or traumatic brain injury or incomplete spinal cord injuries. It is really an effective solution to use the rehab robot especially in the early stages of rehabilitation.


 Lower Limb Intelligent Feedback & Training System is a combination of Yikang Medical's intelligent rehabilitation technology and years of clinical practice, with ten years of accumulation, coalescing into the industry's highest level of intelligent lower extremity rehabilitation equipment.    

  It makes breakthrough innovations at three levels: motor performance, intelligent rehabilitation, and bionic design. We are the first in the industry to introduce automated body position memory and recovery technology to enhance treatment efficiency and patient experience. We innovate in rehabilitation treatment technology by designing three levels of lower limb training: passive scene interactive training, unilateral evoked training and alternating interactive training, thereby building a progressive intelligent rehabilitation program.

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