Save your bone and joint muscle pain

1, encounter skeletal muscle injury problems

The first thing we need to do is not to be too anxious, because the mentality must be adjusted. 99% of patients are curable through the system of scientific rehabilitation. The most important thing is to see a doctor. Some people like to search from the Internet and then began to give themselves a diagnosis. If you yourself have the relevant knowledge of rehabilitation medicine, you can make such an attempt, but if there is a bottleneck in the effect of rehabilitation or aggravation, then it is recommended that you must stop. Because the right training is rehabilitation, the wrong training is injury. You may neglect some details when you do the rehab exercise. This will complicate your road to recovery. Because the body’s compensatory mechanisms are so powerful, you are likely to start heading down another wrong path of rehabilitation. My friends have encountered many patients with knee injuries in the clinic who started with just knee pain and then started to develop hip pain again because of incorrect exercise methods.


2. How to choose the right Physiotherapists for you


In the process of recovery, we always hope to get better at once, but the recovery process is a curve. And we will encounter different influencing factors during the recovery process, including the patient’s attitude towards the condition, and self-management after going home are all closely related to the progress of recovery. A good physiotherapists will not only work on your physical condition, but will also help you build your confidence to overcome your pain and teach you how to manage it step by step. The more you know about your condition, the more you know how to manage and use your skeletal muscles to minimize stress on your joints based on different movements when you get home is the most important part of healing. To find the right physiotherapist for you you need to pay attention to the following points.


① Your physiotherapists will take a thorough medical history during your first rehab session, not only by looking at the films, but also by understanding which body postures and forms of movement are more prevalent in your usual work, study and life status, and by first focusing on and improving your external environment to make you more aware of which postures you should avoid and pay attention to in order to resolve your pain well. For example, for patients with sedentary back pain, pay attention to whether his seat with wheels. Patients with cervical spondylosis are concerned about the height of their eyesight and computer screen in the office state. Patients with knee pain who run frequently are concerned about assessing running posture.


Physiotherapists work effectively with the help of physical therapy equipment!

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Post time: Feb-17-2023
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