What to Do with Rehabilitation after Surgery of Fracture?

When Should Fracture Rehabilitation Start?

When it’s 3-7 days after surgery of fracture, the swelling and pain begin to decrease. If there is no any other difficulties in activity, it comes to rehabilitation training.

What Is the Purpose of Rehabilitation Training after Fracture?

1, muscle contraction can promote local blood circulation and lymphatic reflux. In addition, the bioelectricity produced by muscle contraction helps calcium ions deposit on the bone and promote fracture healing.

2, a certain amount of muscle contraction helps prevent disuse muscle atrophy.

3, joint movement can stretch the joint capsule and ligament, thus avoiding adhesion in the joint.

4, accelerate the absorption of local edema and exudate, reduce edema and adhesions.

5, improve patients’ mood, metabolism, breathing, circulation, digestive system function, prevent complications.

What Are Rehabilitation Training Methods for Fracture?

1, apply active training on the joints of fixed limbs, including joint movement in different planes, and give assistance if necessary.

2, when the fracture reduction is basically stable and the muscle tissue is basically healed, a rhythmic isometric contraction exercise under a safe posture is necessary to prevent disuse muscle atrophy.

3, for fractures involving the articular surface, after fixation for 2-3 weeks, if possible, take off the fixation for a short time every day. Start active training without edema, and gradually increase the range of joint mobility. Of course, refixation after training as it can promote the heal of articular cartilage and prevent or reduce adhesions in the joints.

4, for the healthy side of the limbs and trunk, patients should maintain daily exercises. What’s more, bedridden situation should be avoided as early as possible. For patients with no ability to move, special bedridden training programs are necessary to improve their condition and to prevent complications.

5, for the purpose of improving blood circulation, reducing swelling, inflammation, pain and adhesions, preventing muscle atrophy and promoting fracture healing, etc., physical therapy like ultrashort wave, low frequency electrotherapy and interference electric therapy are worth trying.

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Post time: Oct-30-2019
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