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    ①Analysis and diagnosis of joint function and muscle strength, exercise control, and intelligent exercise training are several rapidly developing aspects in the field of sports medicine.
    ②It is crucial to integrate orthopedic surgery with rehabilitation assessment and treatment, forming a cohesive and comprehensive approach.
    ③In addition to addressing localized bone and joint issues, comprehensive attention should be given to overall body function and condition, including targeted training for non-injured areas.
    ④Orthopedic rehabilitation aims to address both pain relief and the restoration of movement function in patients. Essential treatment modalities include exercise therapy and physical therapy.

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    Important considerations for effective orthopedic rehabilitation include:
    --Focus on medical care: nursing, and treatment planning during the preoperative phase.
    --Address pain management: swelling reduction, ROM exercises, muscular atrophy prevention, and the postoperative acute inflammatory phase.
    --Focus on ROM exercises: progressive muscular strength training, and the proper use of assistive devices during the postoperative recovery phase.
    --Address joint stiffness: muscular atrophy, and ongoing pain management measures in the long-term sequela phase.

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