• Common Issue about Hand Dysfunction Rehabilitation

    What Is Hand Dysfunction Rehabilitation? Hand functions mainly include: 1, grasping and gripping function; 2, pinching function; 3, sensory function. In daily life and work, fine substance identification and object distinction such as dressing, writing, drawing, computer typing, unlocking, faucet...
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  • What Is Hand Rehabilitation?

    Why Should Patients Take Hand Rehabilitation? As we all know, human hand has a fine structure and complex functions of movement and sensory. Hands with 54% of the function of the whole body are also the most essential “tools” for human progress and development. Hand trauma, nerve dama...
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  • What Are the Fracture Rehabilitation Methods after Surgeory?

    What Is the Purpose of Fracture Rehabilitation? Maximize the recovery of joint movement range and muscle strength. and restore the ability of daily living activities and working. What Are the Fracture Rehabilitation Methods after Surgeory? 1, Restoration of joint movement range: loosening the int...
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  • What to Do with Rehabilitation after Surgery of Fracture?

    When Should Fracture Rehabilitation Start? When it’s 3-7 days after surgery of fracture, the swelling and pain begin to decrease. If there is no any other difficulties in activity, it comes to rehabilitation training. What Is the Purpose of Rehabilitation Training after Fracture? 1, muscle contra...
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  • Medical Fair Thailand 2019

    We sincerely invite you to visit our booth at: N25, Hall 98-99 at Medical Fair Thailand 2019
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  • China’s Rehabilitation Medical Care is Moving Towards to an Intelligent Era

    China’s Rehabilitation Medical Care is Moving Towards to an Intelligent Era

    Guideence At present, China is moving towards an old society. In addition, China has a large population, and the basic data of chronic diseases and disabled people are high. In recent years, the demand for intelligent rehabilitation medical devices in China has shown a rapid increase trend, an...
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  • CMEF Exhibition| Yikang Medical “show” style

    CMEF Exhibition| Yikang Medical “show” style

    Everyone cares about health, And the way to be healthy is tens of millions. Want to fully understand the high technology about health, Of course not to be missed - The 80th China (Shenzhen) International Medical Equipment (Autumn) Expo In 2018, the CMEF Autumn Fair is a gathering of big coffee. ...
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  • The global recovery technology

    The global recovery technology

    Autumn in October, gathered in Beijing. 2018 China international welfare exposition and China international exposition Expo (CR) recovery in October 2018, 11-13 held national conference center in Beijing, as China’s highest level, the welfare of the largest and rehabilitation Expo, China in...
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