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  • Principles


    --The primary theoretical basis of neurorehabilitation are brain plasticity and motor relearning. The foundation of neurorehabilitation is long-term, rigorous, and systematic movement therapy training.
    --We adhere to the rehabilitation idea, which is based on movement therapy and emphasizes active movement. We advocate for the use of intelligent rehabilitation solutions to replace a major amount of labor-intensive therapy sessions, boosting therapist efficiency and reducing therapist workload.

  • Solution


    --The development of motor control abilities is one of the difficulties in rehabilitation training. Despite possessing muscle strength of grade 3+, many individuals are nevertheless unable to stand and walk normally.
    --As a result, we adopt the most recent neurorehabilitation treatment technique, which focuses on exercising the core stabilizing muscle groups. Linear and isokinetic training is used to improve spine stability and safety while also assisting patients with fundamental sitting, crawling, and standing training.

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