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Arm Rehabilitation Robotics A2

Short Description:

  • Model: A2
  • Sensors: 9
  • Grip Force: 0-10Kg
  • Upper arm length: 22-31cm
  • Lower arm length: 24-40cm
  • Arm height: 98-138cm
  • Voltage: AC220V/50Hz
  • Power: 130VA
  • Software: Free Update
  • Product Detail

    Motivate Training Arm Rehabilitation Robotics?

    The motivate training arm rehabilitation robotics adopts computer virtual technology and new medical theory of rehabilitation. It accurately simulates the law of arm movement in real time. With feedback screen, patients can complete multi-joint or single-joint training actively. The arm rehab machine supports both weight-bearing and weight-reducing training on arms. And meanwhile, it has intelligent feedback, three-dimensional space training and a powerful assessment system. A large number of studies have shown that stroke, severe brain injury or other neurological diseases can easily cause arm dysfunction or defects. The arm rehab robotics is quite helpful and effective according to our cooperative hospitals and rehab centers.

    What's the Feature of Arm Rehabilitation Robotics A2?

    1, assessment function;

    2, intelligent visual and language feedback training;

    3, 3 feedback training modes;

    4, assessment result storage and check;

    5, arm weight-reducing or weight bearing training;

    6, target training for single joint;

    7,  assessment result printing.

    As a dedicated manufacturer with 20 years of experience, we develop such robot for patients with arm dysfunction or are in recovery process after surgery for cerebrovascular disease, severe brain trauma or other neurological diseases.

    Patients with early paralysis have weak muscle strength, so that the weight support system is quite helpful and effective to them. Weight support level is adjustable according to patients' situations. It allows patients to move more easily to improve their residual neuromuscular dominance. Weight support is adjustable, so that patients in rehab progresses can get appropriate training to shorten their duration of rehabilitation.

    The arm rehabilitation robotics has 1D, 2D and 3D interactive training modes for single and multi joints. Meanwhile, it has real-time visual&voice feedback, automatic training records and intelligent recognition of left and right arms.

    The powerful assessment system enables each assessment result to be saved in the patient's personal database. Therapists can analyze the treatment progress and change the treatment prescription in time.

    What's more, the equipment generates assessment reports based on assessment result. Therapists can check and print these assessment results in line graph, histogram or area graph.

    What Therapeutic Effect Does the Arm Rehabilitation Robotics Have?

    1, promote single joint movement;

    2, stimulate muscle residual strength;

    3, enhance muscle endurance;

    4, restore joint coordination ability;

    5, restore joint flexibility;

    Compared with traditional training, the arm rehab robotics is an ideal rehabilitation equipment for patients and therapist. With feedback training and assessment systems, training efficiency of the robot is high. In addition, it can improve the interest, attention and motivation of training, enhance the training motivation of patients.

    Dedicated to developing rehabilitation robotics, we have different kinds of them for different rehab purposes. Of course, we still supply physical therapy equipment and treatment tables, feel free to inquire and contact!

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