• Lumbar Muscle Strain

    Lumbar Muscle Strain

    Have you ever felt your waist sore and tingling while sitting? Have you had low back pain but feel relieved after massage or having a rest? If you have above symptoms, it could be lumbar muscle strain!   What Is Lumbar Muscle Strain? Lumbar muscle strain, also known as functional lower back ...
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  • What Is Occupational Therapy?

    What Is Occupational Therapy?

    Occupational therapy refers to the process of evaluating, treating, and training the patients who lose the ability of self-care and labor in varying degrees due to physical, mental, and developmental dysfunction or disability through purposeful and selected occupational activities. It is a kind o...
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  • Cervical Spine Rehabilitation

    Cervical Spine Rehabilitation

    Our cervical spine has already prematurely aged under the pressure of busy work with phones and computers. The cervical spine supports the head and connects it with the trunk, so that it is the most flexible part of the spine and the most important part of the CNS. It is also the only way of card...
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  • Post Stroke Balance Rehabilitation

    Post Stroke Balance Rehabilitation

    After stroke, patients often have abnormal balance function due to poor physical strength, poor motion control ability, lack of effective foresight, and lack of progressive and reactive postural adjustments. Therefore, balance rehabilitation can be the most important part of patients’ recov...
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  • Isokinetic Training Equipment

    Isokinetic Training Equipment

    The multi joint isokinetic strength testing and training equipment measures the series of parameters reflecting the muscle load to evaluate the functional state of the muscles during the isokinetic movement of the limbs, so as to carry out targeted joint rehabilitation training. Evaluation and tr...
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  • Rehabilitation Center Overall Planning and Construction Solution

    Rehabilitation Center Overall Planning and Construction Solution

    Rehabilitation Center Overall Planning and Construction Solution The overall planning and construction of rehabilitation center aims to build a competitive center of rehabilitation medicine with perfect system, perfect function, and outstanding characteristics for the hospital through site planni...
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  • Cerebral Infarction

    Cerebral Infarction

    What is Cerebral Infarction? Cerebral infarction is also known as ischemic stroke, it is the destruction of the corresponding brain tissue after cerebral artery occlusion, which may be accompanied by bleeding. The pathogenesis is thrombosis or embolism, and the symptoms varies with the blood vess...
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  • Spasm Prevention

    Spasm Prevention

    There is a kind of needle like pain called spasm, and almost everyone experiences it, but what’s the problem? Spasm is excessive muscle contraction due to abnormal neuromuscular excitation and is usually involuntary and with no warning. When there’s a spasm, the muscle becomes tight and con...
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  • Muscle Soreness

    Muscle Soreness

    Excessive exercise can lead to muscle soreness, but almost no one understands what happened and what methods can help. Excessive exercise will take the body to its extreme, so sometimes you will wake up due to the pain and soreness in your body. However, almost nobody knows what has changed durin...
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  • Knee Exercise

    Knee Exercise

    The aging of human body is a gradual and slow process, and it’s important to strengthen shoulder, elbow, wrist, ankle, hip, and knee exercise.  The aging of bones, muscles and skin is earlier than that of other organs such as the heart and brain. Among all motion organs, the leg is the most...
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  • Parkison’s Disease

    Parkison’s Disease

    Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a common central nervous system degenerative disease in the middle-aged and the elderly after the age of 50. The main symptoms include involuntary tremor of limbs at rest, myotonia, bradykinesia and postural balance disorder, etc., resulting in patient’s in...
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  • An Introduction to the Gait Analysis System A7

    An Introduction to the Gait Analysis System A7

    Product Introduction of The Gait Analysis System The gait analysis system conducts kinematic observation and kinetic analysis on the movement of limbs and joints while walking. It provides a series of values and curves of time, set, mechanical, and some other parameter. It uses electronic equipme...
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