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Traction Table With Warmth

Short Description:

  • Model: YK-6000
  • Traction Units: 1 for waist and 2 for neck
  • Traction Force: 1 - 99Kg (adjustable during traction)
  • Traction Time: 1- 99s
  • Traction Duration: 1-99min
  • Traction Modes: Continuous, intermittent and balanced
  • Voltage: AC 220V
  • Motor: Torque motor
  • Safety: Set value lock and emergency button
  • Product Detail

    What Makes the Traction Table with Warmth so Efficient?

    1. dual-channel independent operation with double neck traction and 1 lumbar traction units, enabling flexible treatment;

    2, warmth: hyperthermia treatment to neck and waist while traction and the heat generator automatically recognizes the traction place. What’s more, its temperature is precisely adjustable, enabling better treatment effect;

    3, continuous, intermittent and balanced traction modes;

    4, adjustable traction force from 1 to 99Kg. Moreover, the traction force can be increased or decreased during the traction process, requiring no shutdown;

    5, automatic compensation: when the real-time traction value deviate from a set one due to patients’ accidental movement, the microcomputer controls the traction host to compensate immediately, ensuring constant traction and patient safety;

    6, safety design: double independent emergency push buttons, making sure safety of every patient on the traction table;

    7, set value lock: it can lock the set traction force and traction time, and the set value will not change even due to misoperation;

    8, automatic error detection: indicating errors with different codes, restart traction after troubleshooting.

    What Can The Traction Table Treat?

    1, cervical vertebra:

    Cervical spondylosis, dislocation, cervical muscle spasm, intervertebral disc disorder, cervical artery distortion, cervical ligament lesions, cervical disc herniation or prolapse, etc.

    2, lumbar vertebra:

    Lumbar muscle spasm, lumbar disc herniation, lumbar functional scoliosis, lumbar degenerative (hypertrophic) osteoarthritis, lumbar synovial tissue incarceration and facet joint disorders caused by acute and chronic lumbar injury, etc.

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