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What Is Hand Rehabilitation?

Why Should Patients Take Hand Rehabilitation?

As we all know, human hand has a fine structure and complex functions of movement and sensory. Hands with 54% of the function of the whole body are also the most essential “tools” for human progress and development. Hand trauma, nerve damage, etc. can cause hand dysfunction, affecting people’s daily life and work.

What Is The Purpose of Hand Rehabilitation?

Hand function rehabilitation includes a variety of rehab methods including rehab techniques and equipment, etc. The purpose of hand rehabilitation is to promote the functional recovery of patients, including:

(1) rehab of physical or physiological function;

(2) psychological or mental rehabilitation, that is, eliminating abnormal psychological reactions to injuries, restoring balance and stable psychological state;

(3) social rehabilitation, that is, the ability to resume participation in social activities, or “reintegration “.

Cautions During Hand Rehabilitation Process

In order to achieve these goals, it is necessary to adopt comprehensive measures such as medicine, education, and sociology. Among them, the most important is the need for close cooperation between clinical treatment and rehabilitation. And of course, clinical treatment creates the necessary conditions and possibilities for hand function rehabilitation.

During the rehabilitation process, we should pay attention to:

1, prevent and reduce edema;

2, help to heal the wound or lesion;

3, reduce the pain of the injured limb (hand);

4, prevent muscle atrophy due to disuse;

5, avoid joint contracture or stiffness;

6, treatment of scars;

7, desensitization of high-sensitivity areas;

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Post time: Nov-21-2019
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