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Hand Rehabilitation Robotics A5

Short Description:

  • Model: A5
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Hand Exoskeleton: 2 Sets of Left and Right
  • Exoskeleton Size: 36*25*17cm
  • Weight: Less than 1.4 Kg
  • Voltage: AC110/220V,50/60HZ
  • Joint Movement: Micro Motors
  • Flexion Angle: -40~40° for wrist and fingers
  • Accessories: Hand Rest
  • Product Detail

    What Is A Passive Training Hand Rehabilitation Robotics?

    Passive training hand rehabilitation robotics is for finger and wrist rehabilitation training. It works with real-time simulation of human finger and wrist movement rules. Composite passive training is available for single fingers, multiple fingers, all fingers, wrists, fingers and wrists. In addition to passive training, A5 also has virtual games, query and printing function. Patients can perform comprehensive rehabilitation training in a computer virtual environment with the help of robotic exoskeleton.

    Therapeutic Effect of Hand Rehabilitation Robotics A5

    1. Promote the rehabilitation of hand function and prevent muscle atrophy;

    2. Improve the muscle strength and endurance of the patients’ hands through progressive training;

    3. Improve the coordination of each joint of the finger;

    4. Through feedback training, brain could establish a compensation area for brain function control. Patients can restore their hand movement function.

    What Is the Hand Rehabilitation Robotics Mainly For?

    1. Rehabilitation of joint function after hand and wrist injury;

    2. Rehabilitation of joint stiffness and joint function after hand surgery;

    3. Training of hand and wrist ADL (activity of daily living) after central nervous system injury.

    Contraindications: bone cancer, distortion of articular surface, spastic paralysis, unstable fractures, uncontrolled infections, etc.

    Features of the Hand Rehabilitation Robotics A5

    Feature 1: Wrist training

    The passive training hand rehabilitation robotics can control the wrist's range of motion to train the wrist separately. It is also possible to fix the wrist at an angular position, training fingers only or exercise the wrist and finger simultaneously.

    Feature 2: Different hand compound training

    According to patients’ condition, the joint training of different combinations of fingers and wrist can be selected in a targeted manner. We have integrated a variety of training methods to A5 to treat patients with different situations.

    Besides rehab robots, we have physical therapy equipment and treatment tables. Feel free to look into the site and find what's the most useful in your hospital and clinic. Don't forget to leave a message to us.

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