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Upper limb motor impairment is a major factor affecting the quality of life of stroke survivors. Because stroke is the main cause of adult disability in the world. Repetitive motion training on exercise is significantly effective in restoring arm function of stroke patients and the intensity of treatment had a positive effect on the degree of recovery. Conventionally, stroke patients usually rehabilitate with the assistance of therapists. However, the involvement of therapists is challenging because rehabilitation training is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. Therefore, the creation of rehabilitation robots has brought a lot of help to therapists.


But there are so many types of rehab equipment, why you should choose upper limb rehab robot? Here are some reason.

First of all, robotic-assisted rehab is a growing field that provides therapy of greater intensity. By recognizing the model motion of the healthy side, the rehab robot can provide mirror therapy to the affected side. This method can be used as a control strategy of upper-limb rehabilitation robots for self-rehabilitation training with stroke patients.

In addition to some traditional motor recovery training, which relies on therapists, robot-assisted training is now being progressively used in clinical rehabilitation. With the development of science and technology, the technology of upper limb robots has also rapidly improved to provide patients with better weight reduction systems in three dimensions, allowing for early and highly repetitive motor function training.


Whats more, rehabilitation robots can solve part of the problem of lack of rehabilitation therapists. Many stroke survivors have few rehabilitation opportunities due to a lack of rehabilitation therapists. Robot-assisted therapy devices have been increasingly used in rehabilitation training and can potentially enhance upper-limb functional recovery in stroke survivors, which can provide the affected arm with high intensity and repetitive treatment.

The human upper limb motion direction is various and complicated so that it is not easy to create the rehab upper limb robot. Exoskeleton robot can do it and make the arm therapy effective. But exoskeleton robot is extremely expensive and cumbersome to put on, and the overly heavy devices can be a burden on the patient’s limbs.

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Fortunately, there is an upper limb exoskeleton rehabilitation robot developed and produced by Yeecon, which aims to improve the comprehensive motor ability of patients’ upper limbs and is carefully designed to reduce the disadvantages of exoskeleton robots, which is the best choice to balance the cost, ease of use and rehabilitation effect.

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Post time: Aug-24-2022
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