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Knee Joint Active Training Apparatus

Short Description:

  • Product Name: Knee Joint Active Training Apparatus
  • Model: SL1
  • Function: Improve knee function & ROM
  • Power Supply: Manual
  • Departments: orthopedics, rehabilitation, geriatrics, TCM
  • Angle: 0-38°
  • Height: 7-49cm
  • Scale: 0-65cm
  • Applicable Position: Sitting & Lying
  • Product Detail

     Knee Joint Active Training Apparatus for Rehabilitation Enhancement

    Yeecon recently launched a new product: Knee Joint Active Training Apparatus for Rehabilitation Enhancement SL1. SL1 is a patented technology designed for accelerated recovery after knee joint surgery such as TKA. It’s an active training apparatus which means that patients can control the training angle, strength and duration independently so that they can train in a safe and pain-free state.

    Knee Joint Active Training Apparatus

    Clinical Background: Why Do We Develop SL1?

    - OA (osteoarthritis) is a group of chronic arthritic diseases characterized by degeneration and loss of articular cartilage and regeneration of joint margins and subchondral bone.

    - KOA (Knee osteoarthritis) originates in the cartilage, causing degeneration of the knee cartilage. The main clinical manifestations are knee pain and varying degrees of dysfunction, joint swelling and deformity, pain, and limited movement that seriously affect patients’ living quality.

    - According to epidemiology WHO statistics, 10% of the world’s medical problems are caused by OA.

    - OA is a common and frequently-occurring disease among middle-aged and elderly people, and the incidence increases significantly with age.

    - The incidence of KOA in people over 60 years old in China is as high as 42.8%, and the ratio of male to female is about 1:2.

    - For more than 80% of people over the age of 80, KOA has become the biggest cause of disability!


    About Knee Joint Active Training Apparatus SL1


    Clinical Advantages

    1. The instrument help patients to perform active and passive flexion exercises after knee joint operation with the assistance of upper limb, so as to improve the function and range of motion of knee joint;

    2. During training, patients adjust the training angle, strength, intensity and duration according to individual differences, changes in conditions, mobility and pain endurance ability; Prevent joint damage due to excessive exercise, realizing personalized and humanized training.

    3. This instrument is economical, applicable and easy to carry; it has strong stability, accurate running track, and intuitive data with scale and angle to judge the progress of knee flexion exercise, which is highly practical.

    4. The instrument can effectively improve postoperative knee function. Moreover, the training of lower limbs in cooperation with upper limbs helps to improve active movement ability, increase muscle strength of limbs, improve cardiopulmonary function, and promote the recovery of proprioception.


    Clinical Application

    Main functions: lower extremity joint range of motion training, muscle strength training around the knee joint

    Applicable departments: orthopedics, rehabilitation, geriatrics, traditional Chinese medicine

    Applicable people: knee joint active training for postoperative rehabilitation training, nerve injury, sports injury, etc.

    Knee Joint Active Training Apparatus


    1.Combination of active and passive training; joint mobility training and upper & lower limb muscle strength training are carried out at the same time

    2. Clear scale and training counter to ensure training effect

    3. Patients can control the angle, strength, training duration independently so that they can train in a safe and pain-free state. Therapist’s time is saved, and training duration is ensured. And they can train multiple times a day, speeding up rehab process.


    Technical Advantages

    1. The elevation angle is adjustable from 0-38 degrees, the height is adjustable from 7-49cm, and the lower limb stroke is 0-65cm to meet the needs of different training programs.
    2. Professional medical ankle and foot fixation protector, with double padding inside ensuring comfortableness and safety.
    It can be used in sitting and lying positions to meet the needs of different body positions.
    3. The combination of flexion training and extension training is more conducive to the stability of knee joint and accelerates the recovery process.
    4. No power supply is required, light and portable, can be used at various sites.
    5. Patients can actively control the training to avoid pain. Training can be performed several times a day to improve the rehabilitation training effect.


    As a leading rehabilitation equipment company with our own strong R&D team, Yeecon constantly carries out new products to meet the needs of rehabilitation industry. Please keep following us for our latest news on advanced rehab technology and rehabilitation industry trends.


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