Personal Massager electrotherapy treatment device Muscle Gun Hand Held Massager

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  • model number: PS3
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    How Does the Muscle Massager Gun Work?

    This muscle massager gun relaxes muscles through massage and shock on patients’ body. The patent high-energy impact head effectively reduces the energy loss of shock waves transmitting in muscle tissues. That is to say, the massager enables high-frequency vibration to safely and effectively enter deep muscle tissues.

    Studies show that fatigue and disease can shorten muscle fiber length and form spasms or trigger points.With vibration and massage, the massager helps to comb the muscle fascia, promote blood and lymphatic drainage. And in addition, it promotes the recovery of muscle fiber length and relieves muscle tension.

    Using the high-energy muscle massager gun helps to adjust the muscle fiber length according to the principle of muscle self-suppression. Besides, it increases muscle tone and excites tendons with stimulation. As a result, patients’ muscle get relaxation and muscle tension will be relieved with this massager.


    What Can the Muscle Massager Gun Do?

    Relieve muscle tension;

    Improve spine posture;

    Correct muscle imbalance;

    Loosing myofascial adhesions;

    Improving joint mobility;

    Stimulation of the receptor.


    What Makes the Massager Special?

    1. Imported DC motor, high quality titanium alloy;

    2. Buffering impact energy storage & release system;

    3. Reduce invalid vibration and shock, sound around 65 decibels;

    4. Several new original design impact heads.


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