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Rehabilitation Therapy Supplies Orthopedic exoskeleton upper limb robot Arm Trainer Stroke exercise rehabilitation

Short Description:

  • Product Detail

    Arm Rehabilitation Robotics A2

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    Adopting computer virtual technology and combining the theory of rehabilitation medicine, the Upper Limb Intelligent Feedback & Training System simulates human upper limb movements in real time. Patients can exercise multi-joint or single-joint rehabilitation training in a computer virtual environment. In the meanwhile, it also has the functions of upper limb weight support training, intelligent feedback, 3D spatial training and a powerful assessment system.

    A large number of studies suggest that stroke, severe brain injury, or other neurological diseases can easily cause dysfunction or defects in the upper limbs and that definite treatment tasks will effectively improve patients’ upper extremity function.

    It is mainly applicable to patients with upper limb dysfunction caused by stroke, cerebrovascular malformation, severe brain trauma or other neurological diseases or patients who need to recover upper limb function after surgery.
    Product specification:

    Product Name Upper Limb Intelligent Feedback & Training System
    Model A2
    Brand Yikang
    Voltage A.C. 230V/50Hz
    Power 130VA
    Size 80*63*90 cm
    Grip Strength Scope 0-10 kg
    Upper Arm Length Scope 23-31 cm
    Forearm Length Scope 19-28 cm

    arm rehabilitation robotics - arm rehabilitation - rehab robotics -  (2)arm rehabilitation robotics - arm rehabilitation - rehab robotics -  (11)

    Functions & Features:

    1) assessment function;

    2) intelligent feedback training;

    3) information storage and search;

    4) arm weight-reducing or weight bearing training;

    5) visual and voice feedback;

    6) targeted training available;

    7) report printing function;


    Therapeutic Effect:

    1. Promote single joint movement

    2. Stimulate muscle residucal strength

    3. Enhance muscle endurance

    4. Restore joint coordination ability

    5. Restore joint flexibility

    (Active training: muscle strength ≥ level 2) 


    Patients suffer from upper limbs hemiplegia and dysfunction who need upper limbs rehabilitation cased by nervous system diseases, cerebrovascular diseases, serious traumatic brain injury, surgery etc. Such as: Stroke, Parkinson, cerebral thrombosis etc.

    Rehabilitation Training:

    It has one-dimensional, two-dimensional and three-dimensional scene interactive training modes, real-time visual display and voice feedback functions. It’s able to automatically record the training information throughout the whole process and intelligently recognize left and right hands.


    Compared with Traditional Training:

    Compared with traditional training, the Upper Limb Intelligent Feedback & Training System A2 is an ideal rehabilitation equipment for patients and therapists. It ensures high training efficiency and is able to provide real-time visualized feedback information and accurate assessment of the rehabilitation progress after training. In addition, it can increase patients’ interest, attention and initiative in the training.

    Assessment System:

    Assess the wrist joint range of motion, forearm muscle strength and grip strength and save the result in patient’s personal database, which is helpful for the therapists to analyze therapy progress and modify therapy prescription timely.
    Assessment Report:

    The system generates assessment reports based on the assessment data. Each item in the report can be displayed as a line graph, bar graph and area graph and report printing function is available.


    Deweighting System:

    Patients in the early paralysis stage have weak muscle strength and therefore the weight support system is quite helpful and effective to them. Weight support level is adjustable according to patients’ situations. It allows patients to move more easily to stimulate their residual muscle strength. Supported weight is adjustable, so that patients in different rehab stages can get appropriate training to shorten their convalescence.


    Targeted Training

    Both single joint training and multiple joints training are available.

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