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Top Suppliers China Upper Limbs Hand Rehabilitation Equipment Neurological Recovery Gloves for Hand Function

Short Description:

  • Model: A4
  • Power: 100mAV
  • Sensors: 5 finger sensors; 1 acceleration sensor
  • Assessment: On fingers and wrist
  • Gloves: 2 Pairs
  • Wrist Rotation: 0 ° - 180 °
  • Operating System: WIN 7 / 10
  • Operating Temperature: 5 ~ 40 ° C
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Product Detail

    Hand Rehabilitation Gloves are used for the assessment and training of hand function. It’s applicable to hospitals, rehab departments, rehab centers and nursing homes.

    What Is A Hand Rehabilitation Robotics?

    The hand rehabilitation and assessment robotics adopts computer simulation technology and rehabilitation medicine theory. It enables patients to complete motivate hand function training in the computer simulated environment. A4 is applicable to patients whose hand has partially restored the ability to separate movement and can move autonomously. The purpose of the training is to enable patients to better control their hand movement and prolong the time of motion control.

    It is mainly suitable for patients with finger dysfunction caused by nervous system diseases and who need hand rehabilitation after surgery.

    What Can the Hand Rehabilitation Robotics Do Besides Training?

    Assessment of the robot can cover single finger, multiple fingers and wrist respectively.

    During assessment, hand movement can be monitored in real time through three-dimensional simulation software. Assessment on the left and right hands are separable.

    Assessment Report Generating:

    1, Bar charts – display detailed assessment data of motivate and passive training at different times;

    2, Polygraph – reveals rehabilitation trend of patients in a certain number of times or a certain period;

    What Features Does the Hand Rehabilitation Robotics Have?

    1. Target training

    Specific finger and wrist joint training or finger and wrist compound training;

    2. Multi-patient Situational Interactive Training

    Situational interaction training can be conducted to single or multiple patients, at the same time, enhancing their interest and motivation of training.

    3. Intelligent Feedback

    Functional and interesting training to provide real-time, targeted motion feedback to patients. Make patients feel the joy of training in the process of hand rehabilitation and encourage patients to participate in the training actively;

    4. Visual User Interface

    The software interface is completely visual, user-friendly and easy to operate;

    5. Information Storage and Query

    Storing patient treatment information and all data from training games. Therapists can check clinical data for the patient’s personalized treatment plan and treatment progress;

    6. Printing Function

    Assessment data and scenario interactive training information can be printed, which is convenient for data archiving;

    7. Rehabilitation Assessment

    Provide basis for therapists to assess patients’ degree of rehabilitation. Therapists can select rehab plans according to assessment results.

    8, Real-time Monitoring

    Monitor rehabilitation trend of single joint in details;

    Besides hand rehabilitation, we still have many other rehab robots for gait training and arm rehabilitation. What’s more, we still provide physical therapy equipment including electrotherapy, magnetic therapy and treatment tables, etc. Contact if you have any interest, and we will reply shortly.

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