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Multi-position medical treatment bed A12

Short Description:

Product Detail

Product Introduction

The A12 Multi-position Medical Therapy Bed is a globally innovative human three-dimensional biomechanical integration training system developed by Yikang. It serves as a fundamental and effective auxiliary device for dynamic technique training. Based on the holistic view of traditional Chinese medicine and the theory of Yin-Yang balance, the bed utilizes modern biomechanical principles to restore and reconstruct the body’s normal dynamic state, improve posture, enhance limb function, and increase movement efficiency, ultimately accelerating the rehabilitation of functional disorders.

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① Pioneering Three-dimensional Motion Coverage: The concept and technology of three-dimensional biomechanics are introduced and applied to the design of the mattress, providing comprehensive postural support and range of motion.

② Adjustable Mattress: The bed consists of seven segments, allowing for independent, combined, and customized combinations of movements. It adjusts the inclination and support force of the bed to provide optimal postural support, limit compensation, and utilize compensation.

③ Pressure Dispersion and Pressure Sore Prevention Function: The adjustable mattress configuration allows for pressure dispersion. Additionally, the inclusion of curvature design reduces pressure on the patient’s body, avoiding the formation of pressure sores caused by prolonged compression.

④ Dynamic Adjustment Function: The cranial, thoracic, and pelvic segments can automatically cycle according to the “pulley group” principle, dynamically adjusting the spinal and trunk force lines.

⑤ Meeting Different Exercise Prescriptions: The design features of dynamic posture can be combined with various rehabilitation techniques to achieve therapeutic effects such as restrictive training, enhanced control training, dynamic loosening training, facilitated movement, and neural stimulation, depending on the patient’s functional condition and treatment goals.

⑥ Optimized Treatment Process: Active motion adjustments assist rehabilitation therapists in implementing conventional manual therapy more effectively, reducing physical exertion, and providing patients with a more comfortable and intuitive experience.

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