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Alternating Magnetic Field Therapy Bed

Short Description:

Product Detail


Yk-5000 magnetic therapy system realizes high-precision magnetic field control based on microprocessor. According to the principle of magnetic field treatment on human body, it uses ultra low frequency and precisely and scientifically controls the effect of magnetic field on human body. It is widely used in bone joint and soft tissue injuries, nervous system diseases, vascular diseases, respiratory diseases, skin diseases and especially osteoporosis treatment.

YK-5000 is a versatile all-round magnetic therapy system. The mobile solenoid design allows for more flexibility in targeting different parts of the patient. The system provides a large number of prefabricated prescriptions for different diseases. It has four completely independent channels and the parameters can be set arbitrarily so that four patients can receive treatment at the same time.



(1)Indications: Osteoporosis

(2)Bone Joint and Soft Tissue Injury: Osteoarthritis (pain), rickets, bone necrosis, fractures, delayed fracture healing, prosthetic joint, sprains, lumbago and back pain, arthritis, chronic myotenositis etc.

(3)Nervous System Diseases: Muscle atrophy, disturbance of vegetative nervous function, menopausal syndrome, sleep disorder, shingles pain, sciatica, lower limb neuralgia, facial neuralgia, general paralysis, depression, migraine etc.

(4)Vascular Diseases:Arteriosis, lymphedema, Raynaud’s syndrome, leg ulcers, venous curve, etc.

(5)Respiratory Diseases:Bronchial asthma, chronic bronchopneumonia, etc.

(6)Skin Diseases:Radiation dermatitis, squamous erythematous dermatitis, papules edema dermatitis, burns, chronic infection, scar, etc.



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