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Robotic Tilt Table for Children with Cartoon Design

Short Description:

  • Model: C1
  • Tilt Angle: 0-80°
  • Step Angle: 0-25°
  • Step Speed: 1-80 steps/min
  • Leg Adjustment: 0-15cm
  • Treatment Time: 1-90 min
  • Voltage: 220V A.C. 50Hz
  • Power: 500VA
  • Safety: Emergency Button
  • Product Detail

    Robotic Tilt Table for Children (New Cartoon Design)

    This robotic tilt table is a new rehabilitation equipment for Children’s leg function disability. It simulates the physiological gait cycle of normal children with passive, active and passive training modes. The robotic tilt table helps to reestablish a correct gait cycle according to the principle of neural plasticity.

    What Makes the Children’s Robotic Tilt Table Special?

    1, using a laptop as control panel, the simple and intuitive UI makes it convenient for therapists to use. Therapists can change training parameters easily and spend more time and energy to observe the patient’s treatment status;

    2, set parameters according to patients’ conditions (age, height, weight, health, etc.), and train them accordingly. Basic parameters are stride, step frequency, treatment time, spasm sensitivity, etc.;

    3, separate adjustment on the range of motion of legs, therapists can set different spasm monitoring sensitivity on each leg.

    4, emergency button, when patients feel uncomfortable during training, the emergency button can stop the machine at once.

    What Can Children’s Robotic Tilt Table Do?

    1. Maintain body shape, improve leg functions and promote blood circulation;

    2. Promote the metabolism of organs and enhance heart and lung function;

    3. Improve the regulation of the nervous system and improve the excitability, flexibility and coordination of the nervous system.

    Of course, we still have many other rehab robots for rehabilitation of different joints and tissues. And if you’d like some other rehab equipment like physical therapy or treatment tables, feel free to contact.

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