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Lower Limb Intelligent Feedback & Training System A1-3

Short Description:

  • Model: A1-3
  • Weight: 280Kg
  • Voltage: AC 220V 50Hz
  • Tilt Angle: 0-90°
  • Hip Joint Angle: 0-45°
  • Bed Reclining Angle: 0-15°
  • Special Feature: Auto Leg Length Reset
  • New Function: Auto Leg Length Adjust
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Product Detail

    Combining years of intelligent rehabilitation technology and clinical experience with the latest trend of rehabilitation industry, Yikang developed lower limb intelligent feedback & training system A1-3.


    The robotic tilt table A1-3 uses new rehabilitation concept to overcome the shortcomings of the traditional rehabilitation training. The tilt table helps patients to do walking training. By simulating normal physiological gait, this equipment helps to restore patients’ walking ability.
    A1-3 is suitable for the rehabilitation of patients suffer from disorders of the nervous system related to a stroke or traumatic brain injury or incomplete spinal cord injuries. It is really an effective solution to use the rehab robot especially in the early stages of rehabilitation.



    In terms of rehabilitation treatment, there are three levels of lower limb training: passive scene interaction training, unilateral induced training and alternating interactive training. It’s the first lower limb intelligent feedback & training system to build a progressive training pathway.

    Motion Performance Optimization

    - Starting from clinical practice, explore better lower limb training methods.

    - Orthostatic angle

    - Simulating walking movement

    - Adjustable bed

    Intelligent Technology Innovation

    - Automatic leg length adjustment: measure patient’s leg length automatically

    - One button leg length reset: Automatically restore patient’s leg length

    - One button bed reset: automatically restore to ready condition

    Rehabilitation Technology Breakthrough

    - New 3D high-definition virtual life scene, immersive virtual experience

    - Lower limb mobility assessment, Integration of training and evaluation

    - Automatic analysis and statistics, automatic summary of multiple training and evaluation data

    - Lower limb motor training combined with surface muscle electrical stimulation (FES)


    About Lower Limb Intelligent Feedback & Training System A1-3


    1.1 orthostatic standing 0-90°

    The use of zero clearance technology minimizes the shaking of the bed during standing, giving patients a more comfortable treatment experience.


    1.2 Realistic walking movement, hip joint movement angle 0-45°

    A wide lower limb joints movement range can provide a more complete walking training experience, so that each joint of the lower limbs can exercise in a wider extend.


    1.3 0-15°Reclining bed

    Increase the reclining angle during continuous stepping training to fully stretch the muscles involved in hip extension.



    - Automatic Leg Length Adjustment

    - Automatic Leg Length Reset

    - Automatic Bed Reset



    Virtual Interactive TrainingThe new 3D engine is used to build high-simulation exercise scenes, forming the interconnection between exercise training and real life.


    Range of Motion AssessmentA1-3 is the first to introduce lower limb ROM assessment in intelligent lower limbs series. It allows us to observe the progress of patients’ lower limb movement ability at any time. The movement angle of the lower limbs is recorded by the device. Records are synchronized to the training settings


    Automatic statistical analysisAutomatically summarize the training and evaluation data of patient training in different time periods, and visually display the patient’s functional recovery.


    Intuitive interaction instructions: Strong interactive prompt, Exercise timing control


    Diversified training forms: Passive exercise, scenario simulation; Left/Right leg, one leg training; Left & Right leg simultaneous alternating training


    Life-oriented training: Based on everyday life scenarios; Establish scenes highly associated with lower extremity movement


    Lower Limb ROM Assessment



    Lifting foot pedal: The new ankle-foot bionic structure allows a wider range of ankle-foot motion, helping with the further recovery of ankle and foot function


    Movable armrest: The arc-shaped design of the machine arm fits the arm of human body and can stabilize the arm position during training. It maintains and stabilizes upper limb posture.


    Adjustable leg spacing: The leg spacing can be adjusted according to the patients’ body size to ensure that patients are training in a comfortable position.


    Adjustable leg fixation: The leg fixation can be changed according to the patient’s leg length to adapt to the patient’s body shape.


    Streamlined bed design to fit human body curve, reducing pressure



    5.EXCLUSIVE FUNCTION: combination with surface myoelectricity



    Highlights of Lower Limb Rehab Robot A1-3:

    1. Patented back leaning technology, assists hip extension, closer to physiological gait, suppresses abnormal reflex patterns

    2. Higher service efficiency: exclusive automatic leg length adjustment and one-key reset functions

    3. Visualized training process: Exclusive joint activity evaluation real-time display function

    4. Safe and Comfortable: ergonomic arm rest design to prevent shoulder dislocation

    5. Adjustable leg and ankle spacing for personalized training settings

    6. Combination with surface electromyography: combining walking and electrical stimulation to restore gait function

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