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Multi-functional Hand Therapy Table M12

Short Description:

  • Model: YK-M12
  • Materail: Wood+Aluminium Alloy
  • Size: 120*120* 75(137) cm
  • Weight: 85Kg
  • Training Modes: 12
  • Training Parts: Fingers and wrist
  • Efficiency: 4 patients at one time
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Delivery: 15 Days
  • Product Detail

    What Is the Hand Therapy Table For?

    The hand therapy table is suitable for the middle and late stages of hand function rehabilitation. The 12 separation movement training modules are equipped with 4 independent resistance training groups. Training of the fingers and wrists could improve the joint mobility as well as the muscle strength and endurance. It’s for improving hand flexibility, coordination and proprioception. Improve patients’ training initiative to quickly improve their coordination of muscle tension and exercise control between muscle groups.


    Applicable to patients in need of hand rehabilitation from rehabilitation, neurology, orthopedics, sports medicine, pediatrics, hand surgery, geriatrics and other departments, community hospitals, nursing homes or old-age care institutions.

    What Are Features of The Hand Therapy Table?

    (1) The table provides 12 hand function training modules to train patients with different hand dysfunction;

    (2) These resistance training groups can effectively ensure the safety of training;

    (3) Rehabilitation training for four patients at the same time, and thus highly improving the rehabilitation efficiency;

    (4) Effectively integration with cognitive and hand-eye coordination training to accelerate the remodeling of brain function;

    (5) Let patients participate more actively in training and improve their awareness of active participation.

    12 Training Modules Details of Hand Therapy Table

    1, finger flexion: finger flexion muscle strength, joint mobility and endurance;

    2, horizontal pulling: finger grasping ability, joint mobility and coordination of arm and finger joints;

    3, vertical pulling: finger grasping ability, joint mobility and upper limb coordination;

    4, thumb training: thumb movement ability, finger movement control ability;

    5, wrist flexion and extension: wrist joint mobility, wrist flexion and extension muscle strength, motor control ability;

    6, forearm rotation: muscle strength, joint mobility, motion control;

    7, full finger gripping: finger joint mobility, finger grasping ability;

    8, lateral pinching: finger joint coordination, joint mobility, finger muscle strength;

    9, finger stretching: finger joint mobility, stretch finger muscle strength;

    10, ball gripping: finger joint mobility, muscle strength, finger wrist coordination;

    11, columnar gripping: wrist joint mobility, muscle strength, wrist joint control ability;

    12, ulnoradial training: wrist ulnoradial joint mobility, muscle strength;

    We design the hand therapy table with every concern taken into consideration, and it's almost the best equipment for hand rehabilitation. With no motor in the table, it requires patients to do motivate training with 2 level muscle strength or above.

    With rich experience manufacturing rehabilitation equipment, we still have many other equipment including robotic and physical therapy series. Find what fits your hospital and clinic the most, and welcome to leave us a message.

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