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Magnetic therapy system

Short Description:

  • Model : PM2
  • Product Detail

    The magnetic therapy system is based on microprocessors to achieve high-precision magnetic field control. Based on the principle of magnetic field treatment on the human body, it uses ultra-low frequency to scientifically and accurately control the effects of magnetic fields on the human body. It is widely used in bone, joint and soft tissue injuries, neurological diseases, and blood vessels. diseases, respiratory diseases, skin diseases and especially the treatment of osteoporosis. The alternating magnetic field therapy device is a comprehensive and multi-functional magnetic therapy system. The mobile solenoid design allows for more flexible treatment of different parts of the patient. The system provides many pre-prepared prescriptions for diseases; it has four completely independent channels and the parameters can be set arbitrarily, can treat four patients at the same time.


    ① High safety performance, dual guarantee of software and hardware;

    ② Closed-loop feedback design and software real-time tracking and precise control;

    ③ Integrating vibration, warming and magnetic therapy to achieve the best treatment effect;

    ④ Ergonomic curve design;

    ⑤ Synchronization Music makes patients feel more relaxed

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