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Magnetic Therapy Table

Short Description:

  • Model: YK-5000
  • Channels: 3/4
  • Voltage: AC 220V , 50Hz
  • Magnetic Field Intensity: 0~25mT
  • Prescriptions: 50
  • Treatment Parts: Local or whole body
  • Features: Warmth, vibration and magnetic therapy in one
  • Warmth: 35~55°C
  • Treatment Duration: 0~60min
  • Product Detail

    What Is A Magnetic Therapy Table?

    The magnetic therapy table achieves high precision magnetic field control with a microprocessor. It uses ultra-low frequency and controls the effect of the magnetic field on the human body scientifically and precisely according to the principle of magnetic field treatment.

    YK-5000 is a versatile magnetic therapy system with mobile solenoid design, making it more flexible treating different parts of patients. The system provides 50 prefabricated prescriptions for diseases. What’s more, it has 3 or 4 independent channels that can treat more patients simultaneously with different prescriptions.

    Adhering to the people-oriented philosophy, we always put the safety of patients and the convenience of therapists in the first place in design.

    What's the Feature of Magnetic Therapy Table?

    1, high security, double guarantee on software and hardware;

    2. closed-loop feedback design and software enable real-time tracking and precise control;

    3, integration of vibration, warmth and magnetic therapy, providing the best treatment effect;

    4. ergonomic curve design on the treatment table;

    5. music helps patients to relax.

    What Can the Magnetic Therapy Table Do?

    1, Pain relief:

    Improve blood circulation and tissue nutrition, increase the activity of pain-causing substance hydrolase.

    2, Cure inflammation and swelling:

    Accelerate blood circulation, increase tissue permeability, increase enzyme activity, and reduce concentration of inflammatory substances;

    Accelerate blood circulation, improve tissue permeability, increase enzyme activity, and reduce the concentration of inflammatory substances.

    3, Sedation:

    The main effect on CNS is to enhance inhibition, improve sleep, relieve pruritus and muscle spasm;

    4, Lower blood pressure:

    It can regulate meridians and autonomic nerves, dilate blood vessels, reduce blood lipids, improve the regulation function of central nervous system and sleep.

    5, Treatment of osteoporosis:

    Accelerate the growth of bone tissue, increase bone density throughout the body and treat osteoporosis.

    If this magnetic therapy table meets what your hospital or clinic need, feel free to inquire and contact.

    Clinical Application of the Magnetic Therapy Table

    1. indications: Osteoporosis;

    2, bone and joint soft tissue damage:

    Osteoarthrosis (pain), rickets, osteonecrosis, fracture, delayed fracture healing, pseudoarthrosis, sprain, low back pain, arthritis, chronic tendonitis, etc.

    3. nervous system diseases:

    Muscle atrophy, vegetative neurological disturbances, menopausal syndrome, sleep obstruction, herpes zoster pain, sciatica, lower extremity ulcers, facial neuralgia, generalized paralysis, depression, migraine, etc.;

    4, vascular diseases:

    Arterial disease, lymphedema, Raynaud's disease, lower extremity ulcer, vein curve, etc.;

    5. respiratory diseases:

    Bronchial asthma, asthma, chronic bronchial pneumonia, etc.;

    6, skin disease:

    Radiation dermatitis, squamous erythematous dermatitis, papular edema dermatitis, burns, chronic infections, scars, etc.

    Besides the magnetic therapy equipment, we still have other physical therapy and robotic machines. Check and leave your message!

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