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Frequency Conversion Electric Therapy Device

Short Description:

  • Model: PE6
  • Channels: 4
  • Electrodes: 8
  • Waveform: Sinewave
  • Treatment Frequency: 1000Hz to11000Hz
  • Treatment Duration: 1-99 Min
  • Treatment Modes: A, B, C, Mannual and Mixed
  • Power: 341VA
  • Voltage: AC220V 50/60Hz
  • Product Detail

    Changing treatment waveforms and treatment frequencies with wide and deep stimulation

    Low frequency modulated intermediate frequency current through large frequency changes based on traditional interference electrotherapy (interference wave)

    Product introduction

    The intermediate frequency therapy device PE6 transmits a large frequency change based on the traditional interference electrotherapy (interference wave), and the low frequency modulates the intermediate frequency current, so that the low frequency wave is transmitted on the body surface, and the intermediate frequency wave is transmitted to the inside of the body. The therapeutic effect of changing the deep affected part of the muscle by the change of the treatment frequency is achieved, so that the stimulation feeling can be transmitted to the deep part of the muscle layer.

    Clinical use: rehabilitation, physiotherapy, pain, tuina, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, orthopedics, dry medicine, geriatrics, community rehabilitation and sports medicine.


    1.Changing treatment waveforms and treatment frequencies with wide and deep stimulation;


    2.Clear display interface and easy to operate graphic board;


    3.Changeable treatment modes and mode settings with different parts;

    PE64.Two sets of independently adjustable outputs, 2 channels per group, for a total of 4 channels;

    5.At the end, the output knob automatically returns to the starting position;

    6.An overcurrent protection circuit that limits the current to a minimum when the treatment current exceeds the maximum current limit;

    7.With heating and insulation board, the electrode can be heated;

    8.The suction pressure is adjustable, and the suction pressure is adjusted according to specific needs;

    9.With current balance adjustment button, it can adjust the current difference between the same set of outputs;

    10.The adsorption electrode replaces the bonded gel electrode, which is convenient to use and reduces the cost of use.


    soft tissue analgesia, promote local blood circulation, excitement to dilate vascular nerves; strengthen the discharge of pain-causing mediators and harmful pathological metabolites, reduce edema and tension between tissues and nerve fibers.



    Patients with cardiac pacemakers, pregnant and lactating women, bleeding and skin diseases, and those with malignant tumors.

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