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Language Impairment Rehabilitation Assessment Training System

Short Description:

  • Model: ES2
  • Product Detail


    Speech and Cognitive Rehabilitation System ES1 mainly conducts speech and cognitive training for patients with speech and cognitive dysfunction. The system has comprehensive and abundant training materials.

    The training materials can be selected according to the different conditions of patients, and audio and video are provided through multimedia computers to stimulate interest, raise attention, enhance participation, boost learning efficiency and improve speech ability of patients. The system provides a large number of training and assessment test programs.



    1.Light and flexible structure;

    2.Double-screen design, doctors and patients face different display screens, and patients use touch screen, which can improve training effect;

    3.Personalized style software interface;

    4.Information and data are stored in a database, which is convenient for management and printing;

    5.The training themes are rich and varied, and various training contents are provided. Different training plans can be selected according to patient’s condition;

    6.Professional design of assessment forms;

    7.Use multimedia computer to provide sound and image to stimulate and arouse patients’ interest, so as to improve attention and learning efficiency.



    The professional and universal Chinese Standard Aphasia Checklist, Western Aphasia Battery (WAB), and Dysarthria Assessment Summary Table (Frenchay) are used.

    Functional assessment is carried out in conjunction with training. It can be used not only for assessment, but also as an extension of training subjects.



    The patient information and evaluation database are stored in Microsoft Office Access 2000 database, and the software has realized the function of printing with external printing device.



    Comprehensive training category:

    Including single choice training and communication training.

    Training I materials and amount:

    Single choice training includes 19 types of questions: algorithm, animal voice, playing cards, looking, spelling, number two, counting, direction concept, clock, watercolor, subtraction 1, subtraction 2, subtraction strawberry, item concept, space concept, memory, maze walking, overlapping graphics and color recognition;

    Communication training includes 9 types of training: listening comprehension training of nouns, verbs and sentences, retelling training, speaking and expression training, read out training, reading training, copying training, description training, dictation training and calculation training.


    Training II materials and amount:

    There are 18 types of questions, including perceptual comprehensive training, size concept, contrast, direction concept, primary calculation, advanced calculation, primary memory, transportation, spatial positioning, continuous thinking, daily life, daily expression, listening and attention training, object matching, primary shape, primary color, advanced color and speech communication training.


    Verbal communication training materials and amount:

    Including video teaching, articulation training games, vowel pronunciation mouth shape training and consonant mouth shape training.


    Functional assessment items:

    It includes Functional Assessment Form, Chinese Standard Aphasia Checklist, Western Aphasia Battery (WAB), and Dysarthria Assessment Summary Table (Frenchay).

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