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Suspension Walker for Rehabilitation

Short Description:

  • Model: YK-7000
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Suspension Range: 0-60cm
  • Suspension Modes: Dynamic, static, balanced
  • Application: Adults and children
  • Bind: Inflatable
  • Patients Weight: Less than 250Kg
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Accessories (Optional): Treadmill or exercise bike
  • Product Detail

    What Does Suspension Walker Do?

    The suspension walker helps patients to do standing, balancing, and treading training with a suspension system. It enables patients with normal walking training with less weight loading on their legs. Patients’ balance ability, leg muscle strength and walking posture can be improved through training. The walker can work well with treadmills or sports panels and it has three suspension modes: dynamic, static and stationary.

    It’s suitable for patients with muscle atrophy after stroke, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy and amputation, etc. Meanwhile, it’s also a good choice for leg weakness and spasm caused by bone, joint and nervous system diseases.

    Features of Suspension Walker

    (1) The suspension walker adopts an open design to assist patients to directly stand up vertically from the wheelchair. The open design makes it more convenient for therapists to help patients with walking and treading.

    (2) Three modes of suspension:

    1, dynamic mode: suspension range is 0cm-60cm with adjustable suspension force. While squat training, the suspension system gives a lifting force making patients standing up more easily from squat position.

    2, static mode: suspension range is 0cm-60cm with adjustable suspension force. Lifting force remains the same, while the walker keeps the same training efficiency with a treadmill.

    3, balance mode: suspension range is 0cm-60cm with adjustable suspension force. Lifting force remains the same, and when patients suddenly fall, the walker keeps them at a certain height to ensure safety.

    (3) Double protection suspension band makes the walker safer and more reliable.

    (4) The single suspension rope allows patients to turn around during training while ensuring safety.

    (5) Ultra-quiet air compressor, quiet operation and reliable quality.

    (6) The band is inflatable, which enhances the comfort of the patient during treatment. What’s more, it helps to relief the pain of patients after long-term binding.

    (7) Accessories: 1,high performance sports treadmill (optional); 2, resistance adjustable exercise bike (optional)

    We always put the safety and comfort of patients and the convenience of therapists in the first place in design. Adhering to the people-oriented design concept, the walker provides much greater convenience compared to traditional walking assist equipment.

    With 20 years of experience manufacturing rehabilitation equipment, we have many of them including physical therapy and robotic series. Welcome to send your inquiry and leave a message, we will reply to you shortly.

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