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gait training and evaluation system Walking Rehabilitation Gait Analysis Portable Wireless physical Rehabilitation Equipment

Short Description:

  • model number: A7
  • Product Detail

    Professional Gait Analysis System for

    The Rehabilitation Assessment on Gait




    Product Introduction

      Gait analysis is a special branch of biomechanics, which is a kinematic observation and dynamic analysis of the limbs and joints during walking of the human body, providing a series of time, geometry, mechanics and other parameters and curves.

      The gait analysis system uses the electronic facility to record the data of the users’ walking gait, providing the clinical basis and judgment, the 3D gait reduction function can reproduce the user gait, provide the observer from each direction and the gait Repeated observation of the time period.


    Adaptation diseases

      Applied to various medical institutions of rehabilitation medicine, orthopedics, neurology, brain surgery, brain stem and other related clinical departments to carry out clinical gait analysis.

    Main Function:

    • Assessment Function: to assess the normal gait and Perry gait of the gait cycle time, the duration of each step, pace, pace, pace and other parameters, each group of data can be measured with the same body of health Data or their own old data to compare the contrast data through the curve, multi-dimensional score, bar graph and 3D gait video restore, etc., all data analysis results can be printed into paper reports, 3D gait restore video can also be Export the video file for reference purposes.
    • Comparative Analysis Function: each group of measured data can be compare the same body of health data or their own old data.
    • The Progress of Treatment: can track the progress of gait treatment, the value taken from different times to carry out multiple measurements, in the form of a trend to show the progress of treatment.
    • Three-dimensional View: three-dimensional view of the way through the display of the patient’s gait, 3D player will be detected according to the patient’s footsteps data to restore the patient’s gait, the player has to play, pause, 6 perspective switch, Slow play, export video recording and other functions.

    Products Features

    • Gait Data Records: collect the users’ real objective gait data, recorded into a file, to help users fully understand their own gait situation;
    • Quality Assessment: According the data to analysis users’ gait quality;
    • 3D gait reduction: 3D scene to restore users’ gait action, to provide observers from all directions and gait walking during the various periods of repeated observation;
    • Compact structure design: compact components, stably wear, the impact of the human body will be reduced to a minimum, to ensure that users move freely;
    • Easy and simple to operate: use one touch button icon, to avoid complicated operation, easy to use;
    • Rechargeable environmental protection: all components using rechargeable design, economic and environmental protection;
    • The requirements of the venue: 5m above flat level, support moving, do not support running/ slopes and other movement.

    tilt table with CPM gait analysis equipment - gait analysis roborics - rehabilitation equipment -  (1)

    Handheld Device:

    • Most of the products using nylon materials, solid and durable, high corrosion resistance; simple and beautiful appearance, the surface of the use of environmentally friendly oil handling, delicate touch.
    • Hand-controlled use of a resistive, with a tempered glass touch LCD screen, high resolution 480 * 320, touch precision
    • USB peripheral memory, 8G storage, used to store the handheld device inside the foot data, and transmitted to the computer software for analysis.

    Foot Sensor:

    • The leg device shell made of nylon material, not easy to damage, footsteps equipped with straps, simple operation, easy to wear;
    • The foot sensor using nine-axis chip MPU9250, integrated acceleration, angular velocity and magnetometer three sensor modules and high-precision settlement algorithm, accurate tracking of the foot trajectory and space attitude;
    • Use of Bluetooth 4.0 way communication between hand-controlled and foot sensors, a stable wireless connection and the maximum support 1Mbps data transfer speed, to ensure that data transmission without loss.

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