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Electric induction gloves for hand rehabilitation finger wrist function assessment and training equipment

Short Description:

  • Product name: Hand Rehabilitation and Assessment Robotics
  • Power: 100mAV
  • Usage: Finger & Wrist Training
  • Logo: Yeecon or customized
  • Instrument classification: Class II
  • After-sale Service: Online technical support
  • Application: Rehab Center Hospital Home
  • Voltage: 220V/50HZ
  • Function:: Hand Function Training
  • Service: ODM OEM
  • Model Number: A4
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Product Detail

     Description: The Hand Rehabilitation and evaluation robot adopts the computer simulation technology and the theory of rehabilitation medicine.

    It enables patients to perform stimulating training of hand functions in a computer simulation environment. The utility model is suitable for patients with partial recovery of hand movement ability and autonomous movement.

    Design principle: Human-computer interaction and computer virtualization technology

    Adaption diseases:

    Cerebral palsy; Brain injury; Spinal cord injury; Muscle atrophy; Peripheral nerve injury; Nerve dysfunction; Parkinson’s disease (PD); Multiple sclerosis (MS); Complex regional pain syndrome; The development of sports coordination disorders; Surgical reconstruction of functional recovery; Plastic surgery of the hand function recovery



    1. Targeted training

    •   Can training for specific finger and specific wrist joint or training finger and  wrist together.
    •   Scene interactive training for many people
    •   Can do game training for single or many people , increase the training interest

    2.  Intelligent feedback

    • Functional and interest game training, real-time to feedback specific motion information  for patients, patients feel fun during the training process, also encourage patients’ actively to participate in training.

    3. Visual user interface

    • Full filled with hommization in software interface, visualization window, easy to operate

    4. Information storage and query

    • Save patients’treatment information, provide clinical data for  patients’personalized treatment planning and treatment progress

    5.  Print function

    • Can print  evaluation data and game training information
    • Evaluation function
    •  Provide basis for the therapist to assess patients recovery degree; Therapists  find the suitable training task for patients according to the evaluation results.
    • 2

    Evaluation Interface:

    • We can realtime to observe the hands activity  through 3D model in software during the evaluation,also can evaluate  left and right hand independently.
    •  Independent to  evaluate the single finger ,Multiple fingers and the wrist .
    • Can do the active and passive evaluation, green line represents the active evaluation, the blue line represents the passive evaluation

    Characteristic :

    Game interface: Game training was divided into two patterns: finger or wrist training (finger wrist training alone or together)


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