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Upper Limb Intelligent Feedback & Training System

Short Description:

Product Detail


The upper limb rehabilitation robot adopts computer virtual technology, combined with the theory of rehabilitation medicine, to simulate the movement rules of human upper limbs in real time, and patients can complete multi-joint or single-joint rehabilitation training in the computer virtual environment.

The system also has upper body weight reduction training, intelligent feedback, multi-dimensional space training and a powerful evaluation system. It is mainly suitable for patients with upper limb dysfunction caused by stroke, cerebrovascular malformation, severe brain trauma or other neurological diseases or patients who have recovered upper limb function after surgery.


Therapeutic Effect

Promote the formation of isolated movement

Stimulate residual muscle strength

Enhance muscle endurance

Restore joint coordination

Restore joint flexibility

Strengthen upper body motor control

Strong association with ADL

Recovery of upper limb function



Feature 1: Exoskeleton wrapped structure

joint support protection

promote separation movement

Enhanced single joint control

Separately adjustable forearm and upper arm resistance

 A2-2 详情图2

Feature 2: Integrated arm change design

Easier to change arms

 A2-2 详情图3

Feature 3: Built-in laser locator

Accurate positioning of the joint position to ensure safe and efficient treatment

 A2-2 详情图4

Feature 4: hand grip + vibration feedback stimulation

Real-Time feedback on grip strength

Evaluate vibration alerts during training

 A2-2 详情图1

Feature 5: Accurate evaluation of single joint


Feature 6: 29 scene interactions

At present, there are 29 kinds of non-repetitive training game programs, which are continuously updated and added


Feature 7: Data Analysis

Histogram, line graph data summary display

Comparison of any two evaluation training results


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