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How to Deal with Muscle Soreness?

Many people will experience muscle soreness after exercising. Especially for those who lack exercise, if they suddenly increase the amount of exercise, they are more prone to muscle soreness, and may have difficulty walking in severe cases. It usually appears on the 2nd day after exercise, reaches a peak in 2-3 days, and sometimes lasts for 5-7 days or longer.

Muscle Soreness

There are two types of muscle soreness: acute muscle soreness and delayed-onset muscle soreness.

Acute Muscle Soreness

It is usually the soreness during exercise or for a period of time after exercise, which varies according to the intensity of exercise, and usually disappears within a few hours after exercise. This kind of soreness is a pain caused by the products of metabolism after muscle contraction and the liquid components of plasma entering the muscle and accumulating, compressing the pain nerve.

Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness

This kind of soreness can be felt slowly after a period of time after exercise, usually about 24-72 hours. The contraction and elongation of the muscles during exercise is the pulling of the muscle fibers, sometimes causing tiny tearing, breaking, and bleeding of the muscle fibers, which causes inflammation and soreness.


The Difference Between the Two Types of Soreness

Generally speaking, acute muscle soreness is related to “lactic acid accumulation”. Under normal circumstances, the lactic acid produced by exercise can be naturally metabolized. When you do excessive amount of exercise and the exercise intensity exceeds the critical value, the accumulation of lactic acid in the blood will occur. However, the blood lactate level will return to normal within 1 hour after exercise. This is why we often experience stronger muscle soreness after a lot of exercise.

Delayed onset muscle soreness is generally not entirely caused by lactic acid accumulation. In general, lactic acid is metabolized from the body one or two hours after exercise stops; however, after the accumulation of lactic acid, the local osmotic pressure will increase, which will cause muscle edema and cause muscle soreness for a long time. Another important reason is muscle fiber or soft tissue damage. When the exercise intensity exceeds the capacity of the muscle fibers or soft tissue, small tears will be caused, which leads to prolonged soreness.


When Soreness Appears, Exercise Should be Stopped

When the whole body is sore after exercising, especially in the part that has been exercised, it is recommended that the exercise of the sore part should be stopped, so as to give the muscles that have been exercised a rest time. At this time, you can choose muscles in other parts to exercise, or do some soothing activities for the sore parts. It is not advisable to continue exercising blindly, otherwise it may aggravate muscle soreness or even cause muscle strain.


How to Deal with Muscle Soreness?

(1) Rest   

Rest can eliminate fatigue, promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, and eliminate muscle soreness.

(2) Applying Cold/Hot Compress 

Apply cold compresses to the painful area within 48 hours, usually for 10 to 15 minutes. Place a towel or clothes between ice pack and muscles to prevent skin frostbite and relieve pain and swelling.

Hot compresses can be applied after 48 hours. Hot compresses accelerate blood flow and remove residual lactic acid and other metabolites around the healed tissue, and bring fresh blood rich in nutrients and oxygen to the target muscles, providing more nutrients for over-recovery

(3) Relax Your Legs After Exercise

Sitting on the ground or bed, straighten your legs, clench your hands tightly, press the thighs with the protruding joints of your hands, and slowly push them from the roots of the thighs to the knees. After that, change direction, focus on the sore point, and press for 1 minute.

(4) Relax the Muscles

Massage and relaxation of the muscles after exercise is an important means of relieving soreness. The massage starts with gentle pressing and gradually transitions to manipulation, kneading, pressing and tapping, with local shaking.

(5) Supplement Protein and Water

Muscles will be injured at different levels during exercise. After injury, protein and water can be properly supplemented to help relieve fatigue, replenish consumption, and promote body repair.


Muscle Pain Saviour – High Energy Muscle Massager Gun HDMS


Studies show that fatigue and disease can shorten muscle fiber length and form spasms or trigger point and that external pressure or impact can stimulate and relax muscles. The patented buffered high-energy impact head of HDMS can effectively reduce the energy loss of vibration wave in the process of muscle tissue transmission, so that high-frequency vibration can safely and effectively enter the deep muscle tissue of limbs, help comb the muscle fascia, promote blood and lymph reflux, promote the recovery of muscle fiber length and relieve muscle tension. According to the principle of muscle self-suppression, muscle fiber length can be relaxed and adjusted by the use of high-energy deep muscle stimulator. Besides, it increases muscle tone and excites tendons with stimulation, and the impulse is transmitted to the center along the sensory nerve, thereby causing muscle diastolization radioactively to achieve the effect of relaxing the muscle.


Indications of High Energy Muscle Massager Gun HDMS 

1. Relieve excessive muscle tension

2. Improve spine posture

3. Correct muscle strength imbalance

4. Release myofascial adhesion

5. Joint mobilization

6. Stimulation of receptors


About Yeecon

Established in 2000, Yeecon is a professional manufacturer of physical therapy equipment and rehabilitation robots. We are the leader of rehabilitation equipment industry in China. We not only develop and produce, but also provide our clients with professional rehabilitation center construction turnkey solutions. Please feel free to contact us for consultation.


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Post time: May-25-2022
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